"Movement towards Enlightenment"
Latvia 2018

All the conditions for feeling Life
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October 11-18
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We invite you to an exciting journey to the very meaning of your life. We invite you to an adventure that will expand the boundaries of the familiar perception of the world and give you the opportunity to feel life more real, closer to what it really is.
Retreat means "solitariness", "staying at a distance from society". It passes in moderation in food and complete lack of communication with the society (such means like TV, telephones, books, and the Internet are excluded).

In the modern world, retreats are an opportunity to move away from a bustling city and get closer to your true nature, to get your own experience of a qualitatively different perception of life. This is the way out of the ordinary life, a complete change of "scenery" and the opportunity to rediscover yourself anew, free up from the limitations of the past concepts and beliefs.

Retreat "Movement towards Enlightenment" is a unique opportunity to start feeling a deep awareness through your own experience, start sensing of the flow of life in the Present moment! You will leave the familiar surroundings for 6 days, move away from the buzzy rhythm of life, familiar and routine affairs. You will immerse into another dimension to do the inner work in order to let in your life and all the changes that you have been waiting for so long.

Retreat is your new way to yourself!

Retreat is necessary for you if:
  • The topic of Enlightenment and Awakening is important to you, but you do not know how to approach or to realise this goal
  • You have not yet found a teacher and a team
  • You are looking for a meaning of your life
  • You want to know, WHO YOU ARE
  • You are interested in the practice of human evolution and development
What will you find on the retreat course:
A new perception of life
The quieter our inner dialogue is, the more we hear our true nature! By stopping a continuous stream of thoughts, its uncontrolled analysis and assessment of the world around us, we stop resisting the forces of nature! We learn to be in the "Present Moment", which leads to Enlightenment.
Connect with your own true self
Avoiding habitual patterns of behavior, changing the rhythm of life and inner work on yourself, allow your perception to make sure that you can live differently! You expand the scope and boundaries of your perception and more and more learn your nature and yourself as the present and the true one!
Awareness of the inner joy
Just as the body's ability to breathe it is completely natural for us to be joyful and happy, to experience a state of rest and relaxation. The practice of meditative techniques and awareness help return to those, perhaps, long-forgotten states. You will gain an understanding of how to uncover its depth.
The state of inner freedom
Doing even the first steps towards your life, You will begin to feel how wisely and caringly it leads you along the path of development. Going to its Source, You will inevitably experience the growing state of freedom from external circumstances and will get unconditional love!
Cleansing the body and mind
Physical and breathing exercises, deep relaxation and calm of the mind, fresh air and healthy vegetarian food in the complex allow the maximum to start the process of cleansing the body and mind. You will begin to feel the natural lightness, reveal an extraordinary sensitivity to tastes and smells, to the perceptions of sound and colour.
Informational detox
We completely exclude the use of the Internet and social networks; restrict reading books and using mobile phones throughout the retreat! This "sacrifice" is necessary for the fastest receipt of a fundamentally different experience of interaction with the surrounding world. This is an opportunity for the mind to subside without constant external
How will you change after the retreat:

  • Find peace of mind and inner joy.
  • Learn to be happy regardless of external circumstances.
  • Feel the zest of life, its fullness, meaning and your role in it.
  • Your understanding and interaction with the outside world is being transformed.
  • Learn what «Present moment» and «Awakening» means, and much more.

  • Emotional blocks and tensions that prevent you from being natural in your life will go.
  • You will feel a deep recovery and rejuvenation of the whole organism.
  • Remember again what a childish, direct perception of life is.
  • A natural reappraisal of priorities will happen.
  • There will be harmony in the relationship.
Retreat is led by:
Genadiy Givin

There were always people in society who were not living like everyone else. They did not seem to concern with ordinary life problems and difficulties. Their attitude to life was easy and natural. As if they knew something that is not available to the rest. Some laws and rules allow them to live a particularly bright and extraordinary life.

We are learning from such person and his name is Genady Givin. He is an awakened teacher. In the knowledge that he teaches, there is no religious basis. This is not psychology or esoteric teaching either. The knowledge exists as long as humanity exists and it is passed from teacher to teacher, inextricably from generation to generation. The presence of a living teacher allows you to adapt the training to the modern requirements of life. Although much of what is contained in the ancient teachings, it is still true for today.

Knowledge is the experience of generations and practical tools for discovering the real world, seeing things as they are and ceasing to depend on principles, rules and concepts. Knowledge is a breakthrough to the true freedom.

Awakened teacher. With love and sincere feedback he shares his deep knowledge of life and incredible experience

Marina Khomyakova

Maryna Khamiakova is a Beyond Silence Retreat and laugher therapy instructor. She is also a workshops and master-classes holder in Minsk. A leader and instructor at Givin School.
Marina Khomyakova

"I do not see anything more important than transferring the knowledge that I get.

A few years ago certain events in my life have pushed me to search for answers to many questions, finding myself, searching for happiness within myself.

I have read a lot of books; have tried different ways, which were given in these books. I even had my own specific system developed, which I have applied every day in order to change myself and my life. And while I was doing all these, life was preparing me a gift. Rather, life was preparing me for this gift.

Yes! Acquaintance with the teacher, team and practice of human development for me was a real gift and a miracle. And for a long time I did not believe that this was happening to me. This is no longer a chaotic search, but a clear methodology for changing the perception of life. The further I studied, the more I understood how important this knowledge is in the life of each person

And now I really want this gift to come into life of other people who are ready to receive it!"

Artyom Isaykin

"Since the very beginning of the practice there have been many discoveries and positive changes in life, but one day I got an unusually picky feeling with all my being, the feeling that the world was completely different than I used to see it. It seemed that I lived covering my eyes with my palms before, and now I spread my hands and saw a huge space full of life and beauty, which I hadn't seen before.

I've realized that I came to life or rather something inside me did it and for this reason the dead and boring world has also begun coming to life. Everything that has been happening for long years before, has gained completeness and meaning. I began to understand what it really was all about.

This natural wisdom, surpassing all human genius, this force of nature drowsing in us still excites my heart.

That day I felt a great gratitude to Life and a fire in me- the desire to make this new unexplored life trip-the trip of the human soul. Then I decided to help people in their development, releasing their souls and suggesting the opportunity to study under Life consciously, to understand the language it speakes and to move one way."

Artyom Isaykin is a holder and instructor of Beyond Silence Retreat and other courses at Givin School. He has been an instructor since 2010. A laugher therapy and deep relaxation specialist.
Approximate day schedule:
07:30 - 07:45 – wake up;
08:00 - 11:30 – group practice (yoga and breathing exercises, meditation);
12:00 - 12:30 – breakfast;
12:40 - 13:30 – listening to audio lectures;
13:30 - 14:00 – individual practice outdoors («looking into the sky»/ meditation in motion/ the open heart and others);
14:30 - 17:30 – group practice (yoga and breathing exercises, meditation);
18:00 - 18:30 – dinner;
18:30 - 19:00 – listening to audio lectures;
19:30 - 22:15 – evening group practice (satsang or yoga and breathing exercises, meditation);
23:00 – lights out.

The schedule provides days of intensive immersion in practice, which include complete silence, more hours of meditative techniques and practical elements aimed at developing a sense of the present moment and the depth of awareness. Depending on the level of preparation of the group, fasting days are also possible.

A brief overview of some practical elements of the course:
All technical methods of the course are aimed at developing the sensory perception of life, feeling the Present moment. They teach us to be in a state of deep awareness, contemplation and observation of ourselves, as part of what is happening.

* Important! Do not try to practice the following techniques on your own. Mastering should occur only under the guidance of the instructor of the center!
To get the maximum benefit and effect from the retreat course, you will be helped by a complete immersion into the process and by the retirement from the experience of past practices – from a "clean slate"!
Conditions for admission and retreat course

– Fulfillment of all instructions and recommendations of instructors;
– Accepting and trusting to all of the events that will happen to you;
– Strict vegan food, alcohol and smoking are excluded;
– Compliance with the daily routine and the implementation of all the mandatory practices!
– Separate residence of men and women. This condition is also relevant for couples who came together.
– Intimate relations are excluded throughout the retreat.

After registering for participation in the retreat course, it is necessary to fill out the "participant form" (sent after registration), on the basis of which, and on the basis of subsequent interview, a decision is made on admission to the retreat. After that it is necessary to make an advance payment – 300 euros.

To make a final decision on participating in a retreat, you need to complete 3 sessions on "yoga of silence and awareness". Such classes are held in Riga, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Minsk.

Registration ends in 7 days before the retreat commencing!

If the terms of the retreat are violated, if the instructor's instructions are not complied with, then the participant may be removed from further training without material or other claims.

Cost and conditions of accommodation:

Price is assigned individually after the interview with a candidate.

The cost includes:



Training part of the reatreat


Not included into the cost:

Tickets to Minsk


Expenses for visa

Insurance and excursions
What to take with you:

- Player for listening of audio lectures;
- Warm clothes for walking outside;
- Waterproof shoes;
- Flashlight;
- Clock;
- Umbrella and raincoat;
- Notebook and pen;
- Comfortable clothes for yoga.

Registration and information:
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