Take a step to awakening

Explore your potential in practice

The Givin School’s retreats are designed for the fastest possible transformation of a person.

We use a proven methodology that has awakened more than 100 people over the past 3 years.​​​​

Under conditions of full immersion into the practice, retreat participants enter the School's accumulated energy field, which makes it possible to quickly approach the state of awakened consciousness.

We have created all the conditions for fast and effective nervous system purification, relieving of accumulated stresses and strains.

Rhythm of the day is designed so that the participants can immerse themselves 100% in the practice.
There are no distractions to external stimulations, and breaks are provided only for food and sleep.

Fresh air, clean water and light nutrition contribute to restoration.
The classes are held in groups with numerous participants, the effect of the practices is enhanced by the synergy among the participants.


Meditation practices in a group and individually

Special sequence of asanas

Satsangs with the awakened students of the School

Laughter therapy

Practices aimed at unity

Breathing practices

The venue of the retreat

We have selected the best places of power for retreats that maximize the results from our practices.

Participants' feedback


“The retreat was organized by people who created all this with truly great love. The love that is constantly felt in the way you are guided throughout the retreat, how they help you understand the techniques, perform the exercises, even how comments are made - especially how feedback is given. You can feel that the main goal of the instructors is to help! Do not let you get stuck on mistakes, so that a person can take as much as possible during these fast-fleeting days.

In general, the level of organization of the event and the instructor's work immediately became the first and most important confirmation that all the values of the School actually work, that it was not just brochures, marketing and grandiose words. And also wonderful communication between the participants themselves - so many interesting stories, amazing experiences, human warmth.
You can talk for hours with each participant, and the very specificity (subject matter) of the School's events seems to select people for you. There is hardly a random person here without an extensive path behind him.

As a result, 5 days of work rushed by, but we take these 5 days of practice with us. Exactly practice. For some, this is already an experience of awakening, for someone - strong experiences of the present moment, an open, sensual attitude to the world and the feeling of oneself in it ... or the world in oneself!"


“I learned about the School from my friend. I went to the School's VK page. The first video I came across was of Sasha Larionov - it responded to the depths of my soul. My husband usually looks at such things very carefully, but this time, lo and behold, he let me go!

At the retreat I was simply overwhelmed by a wave of gratitude to providence, to the Creator, for the opportunity to get here, gratitude to the people I met here, who organized this event, took care of us, created conditions so that each of us could dive into experiences available to him now.

How cool it is to be among people united by a common goal, a common call of the Soul! How nice it is to feel the present moment, to feel oneness with everything that you see around you: nature, people ... What a powerful response is felt when you embrace a person who was completely unfamiliar to you before and feel how his chest begins to vibrate in response to the embrace ... and you feel him, his state, response.

There were memorable moments during the practice. The most vivid moment was when, on the second day of practice, after pronouncing the setting, it was as if the walls fell apart from my head, and I emerged, in the form of a transparent energy ball, somewhere up. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time! A wonderful feeling of fading of the mind, when you walk and see the beauty around you, and feel freedom from desires, aspirations, feeling confident that everything will be as it should be! "


“This is the first time I got to a live meeting - the Givin School retreat. Previously, I studied at the School in an online format.

It was not easy at the retreat, but inner work and teamwork made it possible to see a different world - sensual, real one. Feel what is so lacking in society - heart warmth and gratitude.

I saw the value of the environment and the importance of turning on the giving. I saw some of the walls of my selfishness, as well as what I still need to work on.

I thank the instructors for their service, for their clear explanation of all the elements of the School's methodology.

And also thank you for the excellent organization of the retreat! I want to move on, studying at the School! "


“The retreat helped me become calmer and happier. I was able to dive deeper into my nature, into the Present Moment. I liked that like-minded people from many countries, cities, different ages and professions gathered at the retreat. We became friends and became one family, which was unexpected for ourselves.

These magical landscapes helped us all to become closer to ourselves, to our own nature.

I traveled in the mountains, in fabulous forests, I was led into the Present Moment by the sounds of a mountain river, in which many managed to swim.

At the retreat, we became one family, a big team.

Many thanks to the instructors, organizers, Gennady and the whole team!"


You will find inner peace and learn to return to it.

You will cleanse yourself of inner limitations and complexes

Increase your mindfulness and start living in the depths of the Present moment.

Expand the perception of the senses - life will become brighter and tastier.

You will find yourself on the threshold of Awakening or you will cross it.

There are no upcoming retreats for English speakers

Instructors of the retreat


I came to practice like many others: I found myself “pinched in a corner”, having exhausted all available known methods for correcting the situation. I started
to radically change life and myself only when everything in my life, including health, family, work, began to simply crumble. Then I realized: either I will change myself (I have time to change), or I will simply die.

After two or three months of classes, I was surprised to find out that I had not died, but had become much healthier! And at some point, something in me switched, I began trying not to run away from suffering and problems, but trying to run towards happiness and much more interesting things that were revealed to me. Life has become meaningful and very interesting ... It has a DEPTH! An understanding has ripened inside me that "since they helped me, it means that I must pass this help to others who need it." This understanding was absolutely natural. From this moment everything began to change qualitatively even quicker ...


"Life itself brought me to practice. I had a regular life just like eveyone else, but always with eternal questions inside: “Who am I?”, “What is this all for?”, “Where are we going after all this?”

After the first encounter with the practice, everyday life slowly pulled me back into its embrace and I completely plunged into the material world. I was playing so hard that I came back to my senses only in 2014, and time is passing by so fast… By that time I had a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids.

When I got back to practice I began to apply all the knowledge and elements even in a regular life. And it has miraculously increased the awareness and the depth of The present moment. This in turn has reduced all of my inner tensions and resistances. While I was changing myself, my whole world started to change too, there was a greater sensation of life in life itself and more happiness. It sounds funny but that’s true…"


Before the retreat, introductory webinars will be held for compulsory preparation. In these sessions, you will receive more complete information about the upcoming retreat, get to know the instructors and participants, and be able to ask questions.

1st day

Arrival, group practical lesson

2nd day


3d day


4th day

Satsangs, circles 

5th day


We hand over phones and other gadgets, books, magazines and laptops upon check-in

What is a retreat

Mandatory conditions for the participation

You must have comfortable clothes for exercise and a notebook with a pen.

Compliance with the daily routine and following all the recommendations of the instructors.

Be ready for inner discipline and work on yourself

Avoid alcohol and cigarette consumption at least five days before the start of classes, during the retreat and five days after.

Meals are exclusively shared and on schedule.

Following a vegan diet at least five days before the start of classes, during the retreat and five days after.

Compliance with the quieting mode (no listening to music, watching movies and videos, reading books, intimate relationships) at least five days before the start of classes, during the retreat and five days after.

Pre-registration for the retreat is required.

If the conditions for completing the retreat are violated or the instructor's instructions are not followed, the participant may be suspended from further training without compensation for material or other claims


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