Prior to filling out application form, please read the following text!

At the retreat every participant goes through a purification process – release of certain emotions, fears, judgments and other states.

In order to overcome all this and not leave the retreat after first difficulties it is important to have a certain degree of readiness.

Additionally, we work together in a team where the result of entire group depends on the input of every participant. That is why every participant is responsible for the progress of entire team and everyone should aim at achieving a positive result for the group.

Due to this reason individuals expecting to gain a personal benefit or treating retreat as a vacation, or attending out of curiosity will not be admitted to the retreat.

Because of this the entire preparatory time before the retreat (interview, different assignments, estimation of retreat cost) is absolutely necessary in order for the participant to get in the right set of mind and be ready for intensive learning process.

If you understand this, agree and are ready to test your aspiration, you can fill in registration form.

Good luck!

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